My stories and features have appeared in various publications including Austin WomanAustin MonthlyChickster Magazine, Texas Veterinarian, HerbalGram, Rare Magazine and the Round Rock Leader.  Here are my favorites from each:

All sorts of copy for the Texas County & District Retirement System

Various articles for Austin Woman including:
Fearless Leader, Beverly Chasse Savvy Woman Profile
Johnnie’s Antiques
My Life in Books

The Ultimate Pet Guide
This compilation of pet resources really helps you pamper your pet.
The Best & Worst of 2010
A list of the best and worst happenings in 2010.
Austin Monthly, July 2010, January 2011

Whedon Watch
This issue features stories about Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse.
Chickster.org, Dec. 2009

Let’s Go to Prison
A professor and four students go to prison…to learn equine dentistry hands-on.
Texas Veterinarian, Oct. 2010

Blood of the Dragon
A tree latex with a surprising medicinal use.
HerbalGram, Winter 2009

What a Peach!
This spa and boutique does it all.
Rare Magazine (now defunct), Jan. 2009

Wintery scene and a warm heart
A special effects company makes a winter wonderland for a woman who is suffering from cancer.
Round Rock Leader, Jan. 2009