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Kalana isn’t popular at her school, but strangely no one messes with her, despite the rampant bully problem. Perhaps it has something to do with her sheriff father who single-handedly cleaned up their once particularly dangerous town. The townspeople are grateful, but what was the cost of this strange miracle? Some say it certainly caused his wife’s murder two years previous, but the kids at Kalana’s school have a different theory. Kalana does strange things when she sleepwalks. She always wakes up covered in blood with her wrists slashed. But Kalana isn’t convinced that this is why the kids at her school treat her so strangely. She wonders if there’s something more. Something just out of reach. In her periphery.

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Kalana is happy to leave high school behind and move to New Orleans with her new husband. But she quickly finds that she and her dad are not the only ones with power in New Orleans or the world. There’s a whole team of them stationed in New Orleans and they want her and her dad to join up. (Because there are worse things that go bump in the night in the French Quarter.) But one of these worse things was created by the very team that wants to recruit Kalana and her father. Should they join the fight against it? Or will this new challenge be too much for Kalana and everyone she loves?

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